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Hand and Microvascular surgery is a surgical procedure performed to generally reattach severed fingers, arms, hands along with other amputated parts to the body. It is a fairly common procedure, but also a complex procedure that requires precision and an impeccable skillset. This procedure is performed by reconnecting the smaller blood vessels, helping to restore blood circulation so that the injured/damaged tissue doesn’t die or start becoming inactive.

This procedure is widely performed by using a combination of medical-grade operating microscopes for maximum precision, tiny needles to make very fine sutures (stitches), and specialized surgical instruments to transplant healthy tissue in place of the damaged one(s).

This procedure is primarily performed to treat disorders relating to the hands, fingers, arms, and wrists. Hand and Microvascular surgery specializes in managing traumatic as well as non-traumatic conditions relating to the hand or any of its surrounding parts. In some more challenging cases, Hand and Microvascular surgery is performed in reconstructive surgeries too.

Most common fields of hand and Microvascular surgery are

  • Tendon transfers.
  • Nerve repairs.
  • Carpal bone fractures.
  • Carpal tunnel releases.
  • Wrist arthroscopy.
  • Congenital anomalies.

Hand and Microvascular surgery is performed to repair

  • Injured wrists.
  • Injured hands.
  • Damaged tendons and blood vessels.
  • Damaged/injured skin and nerves.
  • Joint damage. Severed thumb(s).
  • Fix and change the damaged structures in the hand.
  • Congenital or problems and defects of the hand(s) present at birth.
  • Shoulder fractures.
  • Sports injuries.

Most common types of Hand surgery are

    • Skin grafts.
    • Skin flaps.
    • Tendon repair.
    • Closed fixation and reduction.
    • Compartment syndrome.
    • Nerve repair.
    • Surgical debridement.
    • Reattachment/replacement.
    • Joint replacement.
    • Limb-salvaging.

For the surgeon to devise a surgical plan to perform this surgery, the surgeon may order some diagnostic tests to understand the patient’s symptoms and level of severity. These tests may include imaging tests like X-rays, EMGs, MRIs along with some blood tests too if necessary. The surgeon will generally use a microvascular technique to perform the procedure wherein they will have to use a microscope to delicately repair the nerves and/or other damaged parts with a lot more precision than any other because the hand is one of the most important parts of a person’s body.

After the procedure has been completed, the patient will be told to stay back at the hospital to make sure their body is accepting the surgery as expected. As a part of the postoperative care, during discharge, the patient will be visited by a physiotherapist who will give the patient some exercises in order to help them recover faster and promote mobility, motion and restore the overall functionality of the operated part.
In cases where the patient’s body responded normally to the surgery and the surgeon did not face any major challenges during the surgery, the patient’s recovery time can be as short as 2 days. But on average, a time span of at least 6 weeks is most recommended, with regular exercising and visits to the concerned physician as and when required.

In some extreme and complex cases the recovery period can be longer and can also go up to several months or in some very adverse and extreme cases, the patient may also have to dedicate more than a year to recover. In such cases, the patient may also be prescribed some painkillers to relieve chronic and high-level pain.

Dr. Dalal has onboarded a vascular surgeon, a hand specialist, an orthopedic hand specialist, and an orthopedic hand surgeon in his facility so that his patients can find all hand and microvascular-related treatments under one roof.

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Orthos Center's Orthopedic Hand Specialists are highly trained professionals with advanced knowledge of hand anatomy, function, and treatment options. They are skilled in both surgical and non-surgical interventions, ensuring that you receive personalized care tailored to your specific needs.

Our Hand and Microvascular Surgery service addresses a variety of conditions, including carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, hand fractures, nerve compression, and microvascular disorders. Our experienced team of orthopedic hand surgeons and vascular specialists work together to diagnose and treat these conditions effectively.