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Keyhole Spine Surgery in Pune

Keyhole Spinal Surgery is a very advanced, yet less intrusive type of spine surgery procedure that is performed by making much smaller incisions, causing minimal damage to the healthy tissue from a patient’s anatomy. A Keyhole Spinal Surgery as the name suggests, is a surgery that is performed through an incision as small as a keyhole that also somewhat resembles a keyhole, and this incision is typically only one inch long.

Keyhole Spinal Surgery mainly aims at direct access and direct removal of the harmed areas and/or part of the spinal cord, without causing any damage or trauma to surrounding organs and areas of function.

Keyhole Spinal Surgery is mainly recommended to patients who are suffering from a wide range of bothersome spine and neck problems that are interfering with their overall quality of life.


  • Less risky and minimal damage to ligaments.
  • Considerably lesser blood loss during surgery.
  • Faster post-surgery healing and recovery of the spine as well as the incision.
  • Fewer post-surgical complications and infections.
  • Less time spent staying in the hospital post-surgery.

Keyhole Spinal Surgery: Minimally Invasive Relief

People suffering from severe spinal conditions like spinal fusion, disc herniation, spinal decompression and other neck-related symptoms are most eligible to get a Keyhole Spinal Surgery performed. Keyhole Spinal Surgery is especially a very good option to be considered by people who are generally scared of open surgical procedures because this surgery is the most ideal for them considering its minimally invasive nature.

People suffering from chronic back and/or neck pain along with other symptoms and who have not found respite from any other treatments can also opt for this procedure as a minimally invasive but technologically advanced treatment. 

Understanding Keyhole Spinal Surgery: Procedure, Recovery, and Follow-Up

Because of the smaller incisions, the surgeon’s access to exterior light is limited and so the keyhole instrument is equipped with inbuilt light and magnification functionalities to help the surgeon during the procedure. Some surgeons prefer using a microscope and some an endoscope while performing this surgery, both of which are completely safe and effective options for performing a Keyhole Spinal Surgery.

In normal cases, patients can leave the hospital on the next day or even the same day as the surgery. After the surgery is successful, the patient will be given some recovery instructions that they will be required to follow throughout the recovery period suggested by the surgeon. Depending on the severity of the patient’s symptoms and post-operative condition, on an average, it can take a minimum of about 4 to 6 weeks for a patient to acquire the expected level of mobility and functioning.

If the patient experiences too much pain and discomfort after the surgery, the surgeon may prescribe an acceptable dose of pain medication which will help the patient to fight the pain faster and also recover quicker. The patient will additionally also be shown some exercises to reduce discomfort and improve overall post-surgery spine health.

In some cases, the patient may also be required to come back to the hospital for a follow-up visit if advised by the surgeon to understand the level and quality of progress that the patient will have made.

Revolutionizing Spinal Care: Keyhole Spinal Surgery at Orthos Centre, Pune

Orthos Centre in Pune, under the expert care of Dr. Shrikant Dalal, offers exceptional Keyhole Spinal Surgery services. This cutting-edge procedure, known for its minimally invasive approach, provides a ray of hope for individuals plagued by debilitating spinal conditions. Keyhole Spinal Surgery involves tiny, one-inch incisions, preserving healthy tissue and minimizing risks.

Patients in Pune seeking relief from spinal fusion, disc herniation, spinal decompression, and related issues can benefit immensely from this advanced treatment. Besides minimizing damage to ligaments, the procedure boasts advantages like reduced blood loss, accelerated post-surgery healing, and fewer complications.

The Orthos Centre team employs state-of-the-art instruments, including microscopes and endoscopes, to ensure precise surgery. Typically, patients can leave the hospital within a day, with recovery taking around 4 to 6 weeks, depending on their condition. Dr. Shrikant Dalal’s team provides guidance, pain management, and tailored exercises to expedite recovery.

With Orthos Centre’s Keyhole Spinal Surgery in Pune, patients can regain their mobility and quality of life while benefiting from this advanced, minimally invasive approach to spine treatment.

Keyhole Spinal Surgery


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At Orthos Center, our specialized Keyhole Spinal Surgery service in Pune addresses a wide range of conditions. These include herniated discs, spinal stenosis, vertebral fractures, and deformities like scoliosis. Our skilled team utilizes the latest technology and techniques to ensure precise diagnosis and effective treatment, helping patients regain their quality of life.

Orthos Center stands out as a leading destination for Keyhole Spine Treatment in Pune. Our team of skilled surgeons specializes in minimally invasive procedures, ensuring precision and reduced post-operative discomfort. How does our expertise benefit patients seeking keyhole spine treatment in Pune?