What Causes Sudden Knee Pain Without Injury?

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In most cases, people do not consider their knees until they are experiencing some pain. When we get older, the knees start to wear down from everyday wear and tear. What Causes Sudden Knee Pain Without Injury? This knee pain is fairly common, but you might be alarmed when you experience it for the first time. In some cases, the causes are evident, such as twisting, overstretching, and other frequent knee ailments. Another common problem with knees is pain without any injury or trauma.

Knee Pain Causes

There is an overwhelming majority of knee pain that is not directly related to an injury that involves the ligaments, tendons, or cartilage of the knee.

Overuse and Strain: One of the leading causes of sudden knee pain is overuse or strain. Activities that involve repetitive knee movements, such as running or jumping, can lead to strain on the knee joints. It’s important to incorporate rest days into your routine and practice proper warm-up and cool-down exercises to prevent overuse-related knee pain.

Muscle Imbalances: Muscle imbalances around the knee can also contribute to sudden pain. Weakness or tightness in certain muscle groups may affect the alignment of the knee joint, leading to discomfort. Incorporating strength training exercises that target the muscles around the knee can help maintain balance and reduce the risk of pain.

Arthritis: Arthritis, particularly osteoarthritis, is a common cause of knee pain. It occurs when the cartilage that cushions the joints wears down over time. This can result in pain, stiffness, and swelling. Maintaining a healthy weight, staying active, and incorporating joint-friendly exercises can help manage arthritis-related knee pain.

Bursitis: When bursitis inflames a fluid-filled sac (bursa) around a knee joint, it can cause sudden pain. Repetitive motions or prolonged kneeling can irritate the bursae, leading to discomfort. Avoiding activities that exacerbate symptoms and incorporating proper padding or supports can alleviate bursitis-related knee pain.

Infection: In addition to septic arthritis, other infections can also cause knee pain. Most infections also cause warmth and tenderness in the joint, and it’s not uncommon to have a fever as well.

Iliotibial (IT) Band Syndrome: The IT band is a fibrous tissue that runs along the outside of the thigh and can cause knee pain when tight or inflamed. Incorporating stretching exercises and avoiding activities that worsen symptoms can help manage IT band syndrome.

Past Injuries: There is a possibility that you might think the old injury has healed long ago. However, in certain cases, even a forgotten injury might cause your knee to weaken or become more prone to discomfort in the future. You might not become aware of an injury until months or years later if it causes a small particle of bone or cartilage to become lodged in your joint and cause problems moving. Previous kneecap damage? An indication of kneecap instability may be new knee pain. Similarly, your current problems could be caused by previous traumas that compromised your tendons or ligaments.

When to See the Doctor about Your Knee Pain

Certainly, it might be tempting to rely on an online “knee pain symptom checker” to pinpoint the cause of your discomfort. However, diagnosing knee pain by yourself is tricky because joints, including knees, are intricate. Your knees are meant to function smoothly without pain or stiffness. Any level of pain or stiffness is not something you should consider “normal.”

If you’re experiencing any form of discomfort in or around your knee, it’s a great idea to schedule a visit to Dr. Shrikant Dalal’s orthos centre. He can provide friendly and professional guidance to help you understand and address any issues with your knee health. Don’t hesitate to reach out for expert advice and ensure your knees are in the best possible shape.

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